TAML 2 completion level

Technology description:

Sidetracking from casing string with hollow whipstock. Landing the tail pipe below the cut casing window. Now, there is a hollow whipstock at the casing window interval and downhole equipment for permanent access to the side track. It is intended for wells without problem areas and transit zones at the window interval and without risk of open bore collapse at the window interval.


Stable carbonate rocks. No risk of sidetrack hole section collapse during production.


  • TAML 2;
  • 3 trips;
  • high-precision orienting;
  • alternative orienting methods can be used;
  • large-bore whipstock (93 mm in 178-mm casing);
  • larger bore for producing fluids from the underlying bore section;
  • can be used in sidetrack wells with 146-245-mm casing strings maintaining production from the main bore and enabling re-entry into main and sidetracks.