TAML 4 completion level

Technology description:

Sidetracking from casing string. Section between bores is cased and cemented. It is designed for wells with transit zones at the window interval and with unstable rocks.


  • unstable rocks at the window cutting interval;
  • wells with transit sublayers at the window cutting interval that have to be isolated.


  • TAML 4;
  • 5 trips;
  • high-precision orienting;
  • alternative orienting methods can be used;
  • large-bore whipstock (93 mm in 178-mm casing);
  • both bores can be entered;
  • Larger bore for producing fluids from the underlying bore section;
  • can be used in sidetrack wells with 146-245-mm casing strings maintaining production from the main bore and enabling re-entry into main and sidetracks.